Grades: 6-12Building-Green-Option-2
Subject area: Architecture, Eco-Design, Environmental Science, and Historic Preservation

Description: Students learn how to design and build in a manner that reduces waste and detriment on our natural resources and environment. Topics include: LEED certification, historic preservation, adapting existing buildings to be more energy efficient, identifying eco-friendly building materials, and sustainable landscape design through the use of native flora.


Introduction by Museum staff about historic preservation and LEED (15 min.)
Tour of Coral Gables Museum highlighting LEED initiatives led by Museum staff (40 min.)
Historic Downtown Walking Tour (40 min.)
Art Activity: Restore, Renovate, Update and Repurpose and Old House (30 min.)
Duration: 2 hours
Site: Coral Gables Museum
Cost: City tours are $10 per student. 1 chaperone for every 10 students is required. Chaperones are free.