The Education department at Coral Gables Museum undertakes as one of its primary functions the pedagogical task of promoting sensitivity, creative imagination, and the capacity for critical thinking. Through Education Activate, our new online series, we provide teachers and families a collection of lesson plans that can be accessed by subject. Our current series include Art Activate, Science Activate, and Film Activate, and are offered in partnership with leading institutions, collectives, or individuals, all experts in each field. Our goal is to share with you content of the utmost quality. We encourage you to try the activities and to tag us by using #artactivate #scienceactivate #filmactivate.

All of our “Education Activate” activities are available as printable PDFs!

In collaboration with exhibiting artists at the museum

In partnership with FIU Institute of the Environment and Everglades National Park

7/30/20 – Florida Panther

6/09/20 – Mr. Manatee

5/28/20 – Sargassum

5/14/20 – Peri-what?

4/20/20 – Bee Nice!

4/03/20 – Gator Holes

4/01/20 – Ally-Gator

4/22/21 – Bee Nice!

In collaboration with the Coral Gables Art Cinema