Saturday, August 27, 2022: 1 PM to 5 PM

$125 per student / $100 museum member


Join artist Julio Taquechel on a one of a kind workshop offered at Coral Gables Museum. Fluid acrylic is a novel technique that will set your expressive abilities free and allow for organic shapes and magical colors take over your canvas.

All materials are provided by the instructor.

Workshop offered in Spanish and English.

Conozca más sobre la técnica del acrílico fluído y sobre Julio Taquechel:

El Acrílico Fluido de Julio Taquechel

Su obra refleja el discurrir del mundo natural que nos rodea a través del color. Trae a la superficie del lienzo formas abstractas que nos recuerdan imágenes aéreas, y logra una intencional fusión de tonalidades que al definirse muestran inesperadas texturas y revelan detalles orgánicos que estimulan la imaginación.

Julio Taquechel se graduó en la Escuela de Artes Gráficas de Guanabacoa en La Habana, y sus primeras incursiones experimentando con colores sobre papel y lienzo ocurrieron en Estados Unidos. Su estilo ha evolucionado gradualmente a partir de naturalezas muertas con temas tropicales y sencillos paisajes primitivos, hacia el manejo más explosivo del color. Su relativamente reciente descubrimiento del acrilico fluido como técnica de expresión ha marcado una pauta estética en su obra.

Su aprendizaje y desenvolvimiento con el acrílico fluido ha sido una labor mayormente autodidacta y esta es la técnica en que ahora se desempeña predominantemente. Su obra reciente se encuentra actualmante en varias colecciones privadas.

Learn more about Fluid Acrylic and artist Julio Taquechel:

The Acrylic Fluid Painting of Julio Taquechel

His work reflects the flux of the natural world through color. It brings to the surface of the canvas abstract forms that may remind us of aerial images, and achieves an intentional fusion of tonalities that, when totally defined, show unexpected textures and reveal organic details that excite the imagination.

Julio Taquechel graduated from the Guanabacoa School of Graphic Arts in Havana and his first forays experimenting with colors on paper and canvas took place in the United States. His style has gradually evolved from still life of tropical themes and simple “naive” landscapes towards a more explosive use of color. His relatively recent discovery of acrylic fluid painting as an expression technique has marked an aesthetic turning point in his work.

His learning and development of the acrylic fluid painting has been largely a self-taught endeavor and this is the technique he now uses predominantly. Several of his recent works can be found in private collections.

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