ARTcycle – Bikes Become Art

January 23 – February 23, 2014
ARTcycle - Bikes Become Art

ARTcycle merges the Miami art scene with the Miami bike movement with an exhibition of bicycle-related artwork and sculptures made with bikes. This innovative exhibit furthers ARTcycle’s mission to raise awareness, respect and tolerance for cyclists and reduce the number of bike-related accidents in our city.

Featured artists include Maria Castillo, Giancarlo Ciavaldini, Mariano Costa-Peuser, Giselle Delgado Buraye, Floyd, Astolfo Funes, Danilo González, Antonio Guerrero, Lucinda Linderman, Matachos, Nancy Martini, Aurora Molina, Carolina Molina, Janet Mueller, Edgar Ramos, Cesar Rey, Gioconda Rojas, Cesar Santos, Cesar Santaló, Katy Stallfus, Aida Tejada, and Andy Toonz. ArtCycle is curated by Giselle Delgado and Tachi Llamas, founders of the ARTcycle project.