Barry University


Professor: Mariely Valentin-Llopis

Book presentation event

Reporting Immigration Conflict: Opportunities for Peace Journalism by Dr. Valentin-Llopis on October 7, 2021 at 6 pm.

Special guest: Aurora Molina

Project Description

 The Reporting Latino Art Project invites COM 207 students to cover a visual artist who identifies as Latino/Latina/LatinX, and whose work brings attention to social issues or celebrates Latino culture in the United States.

Students are to gather information, verify, and report following the Associated Press (AP) journalistic style for feature stories. Student’s work must comply with the assignment’s rubric and receive the instructor’s approval before submitting to the Coral Gables Museum.

Empowering Women, Migrants, Immigrants, and the Disabled Through Art
By Laura Blanco

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Narrating through a threaded Connection
by Isabella Tusa

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Ruben Velez’s Paintings Against Social Issue

By Leonardo Triana

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Artwork Done by William Braemer Connects with the World in More Ways Than One
By Alyssa Diaz

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Alberto De Meneses: Simple Guy, Divine Painter
by Sandra Pajović

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Richard Gautier’s Paintings: Dominican Culture through

By Brendalis Puig

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