Designing Sustainable Cities

Grades: 3-12
Subject area: Urban Planning, Community Development, Environmental Science

Description: Students will identify and discuss elements of a city; public spaces, dwellings, commercial buildings, schools, parks, sidewalks, landscaping, streetscapes, transportation systems (trolleys, bike paths). A city is shaped by both small and large-scale elements. How can these elements contribute to sustainability? City design and planning is a collaborative process that includes input from architects, urban designers, government officials, landscape architects, environmentalists and engineers. How is Coral Gables sustainable? How does it compare to my neighborhood in terms of being green? How can these neighborhoods improve?


  • Green City Walking Tour (45 min.)
  • Create a Green Community Interactive Presentation Activity (45 min.)
  • Art activity (30 min.):
    • Green Streetscape Design, grades 3-5
    • Design a Green City Map. Individual urban planning activity. Consider sustainable components, grades 6-12

Duration: 2 hours
Site: Coral Gables Museum and City Tour
Cost: $5 per student. 20-25 students
1 chaperone for every 10 students is required. Chaperones are free.