El Viaje… In collaboration with the Museo Sefardi de Caracas Morris E. Curiel, Venezuela

Celebrating This Year its XX Anniversary

Lydia Azout (Colombia), Ricardo Benaim (Vezezuela), Nadia Benatar (Venezuela), Samy Benmayor (Chile), Luis Camnitzer (Uruguay), Felipe Ehrenberg (Mexico), Walter Goldfarb (Brazil), Gerardo Goldwasser (Uruguay), Elias Heim (Colombia), Jac Leirner (Brazil), Becky Mayer (Colombia), Carlos Poveda (Costa Rica – Venezuela), Liliana Porter (Argentina), Baruj Salinas (Cuba), Daniel Scheimberg (Argentina), Lihie Talmor (Israel – Venezuela), Meyer Vaisman (Venezuela), Moico Yaker (Peru).


El Viaje… is the exhibition of a book-portfolio that contains the graphic work of eighteen Latin American artists reflecting on personal exile and diaspora. Each piece is accompanied by a poem from a renowned writer that also addresses different kinds of displacement. For all participants, the meaning of journey is both physical and spiritual.

Curated by Marina Wecksler, the show was first presented by renowned Venezuelan promoter and benefactor of the arts Sofia Imber at the Museo de Arte Contemporaneo de Caracas and produced by the Museo Sefardi de Caracas Morris E. Curiel.


Coordination: Adriana Meneses


December 3, 2019 – March 15th, 2020


Gallery 109

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