November 22, 2022 – April 16, 2023 | Anthony R. Abraham Family Gallery

Curated by Yuni Villalonga, Director of Curatorial Programs

A successful photojournalist and TV anchor, and a devoted teacher, Raúl and Mily de Molina are very active in the local and international contemporary art scene. Through their extensive travels all over the world, they have been able to amaze a first-class contemporary art collection for which they are less known, as it has not been shown in galleries or museums before. Yet, artworks in the collection bring to the table key conversations held in the art scene during the past fifty years.

Reflective of the De Molina’s wide interest in the cultures of the world, this exhibition presents an array of artists from distant geographies that explore the spaces they inhabit – be them personal, social, real or imagined- employing different mediums and techniques.

Jean-Francois Rauzier. Manhattan Farms, 2013

Carlos Aguirre | Daniel Alcalá | José Bedia | Liu Bolin | Luo Brothers | Etienne Clement
Wouter Deruytter | Préfète Duffaut | Lalla Essaydi | Gonzalo Fuenmayor | Hu Haibo
Pieter Hugo | David Kramer | Reynier Leyva Novo | Joel Meyerowitz | Carlos Motta
Glexis Novoa | Tatiana Parcero | Dulce Pinzón | Manuel Piña | Jean Francois Rauzier
Christopher Rodríguez Contreras | Bharat Sikka | Federico Solmi | Gastón Ugalde
Peter Williams | Purvis Young | Ji Zhou

Special thanks to exhibition sponsors