Merrick Circle

Merrick Circle

Members of the Merrick Circle premier membership programs enrich the Museum’s mission while enjoying invitations and/or complimentary admission to exclusive events and additional discounts in the Museum Gift Shop.

Thank you to our Merrick Circle Members!

L. Douglas & Margaret Yoder Alhambra
Lynn Bauer & Dr. Harold R. Wanless Alhambra
William A. Bonn and Ruben A. Ceballos Alhambra
Pat Keon Granada
Susanne Kayyali Granada
Mayra Vide-Perez and Julian Perez Granada
Robert Yanno Granada
Joan L. Reitsma Granada
Shelley Daniel-Rutherford Granada
Margot B. Friedman Granada
Vincent Damian, Jr. Granada
Vera D. Cooper Granada
JoAnne Bander Granada
Patricia Blanco Granada
Dolly Frances MacIntyre Granada
Humberto Comellas & Maria Comellas Granada
James & Carmen Cason Granada
Jorge M Sori Granada
Samira Montoya & Juan Pizarro Granada
Thomas & Susan Abraham Ponce de Leon
Maggie Vichot and Debi Strochaic Ponce de Leon
Bruce Steinberger and Marti Steinberger Ponce de Leon
Gayle Bainbridge Ponce de Leon
Jim and Betsy Tilghman Ponce de Leon
Aura Reinhardt Ponce de Leon
Manuel & Sandra Rodriguez Ponce de Leon
Olga N. Huerta Ponce de Leon
Susan Medina & John Medina Ponce de Leon
Jose Valdes-Fauli & Mr. Shed Boren Ponce de Leon
Joseph Jackson Ponce de Leon
David Vargas Ponce de Leon
Jacqueline Calderin Ponce de Leon
Elisabeth & Al H. Brady Ponce de Leon
Laura Blanco Ponce de Leon
Charles Rigl Venetian


$150 one year

Benefits of a Family Membership plus:

  • 15% discount on Museum Gift Shop purchases
  • Advance registration for Museum tours and lectures
  • Complimentary Coral Gables Museum gift
  • Six complimentary single-use admission tickets

$250 one year

Benefits of the Granada plus:

  • Recognition in the Museum’s annual report
  • Two complimentary tickets to one lecture
  • One complimentary tour of the Museum for up to four guests, upon request

$500 one year

Benefits of the Ponce de Leon plus:

  • One complimentary tour of the Museum for up to eight guests and one private tour of a Museum exhibition, upon request

$1000 one year

Benefits of the Venetian plus:

  • A $150 Granada membership to give as a gift
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