Pintura al Óleo | Oil Painting Techniques

Join Andres Cabrera to explore some different techniques as he gives a step-by-step introduction to oil painting. Whether you are a beginner or more accustomed to acrylic paint and want to try something new, this class will help you understand how flexible this medium is and start you off in the right direction.

Beginner to Intermediate | First 4 Wednesdays of each month | 11 am to 2 pm


4 sessions in Spanish and English l 4 sesiones en español e inglés, 3 hours each

$180 Members | $200 Non-Members

IN-PERSON CLASS: To ensure your safety, instructors and participants will wear masks and keep appropriate physical distancing. Suggested arrival is 10 minutes prior to class start time.

Location: Coral Gables Museum

Instructor: Andres Cabrera


-Learn oil painting techniques by reproducing an image given to you by the instructor.

-Use oils to explore color, texture, and blending effects.

  • Participants take home a finished painting at the end of the 4th session

Learn more about Andres Cabrera

A minimum of 5 participants must be registered. If the minimum quantity is not met, a refund will be issued, or your registration fee will be honored for the next available session.  


Instructor provides canvas with a pre-printed drawing of image to be reproduced.

  • Oil paint*
  • Brushes – Firm, fine tip round and flat
  • Palette – suggested: wood palette
  • Easel
  • Paint thinner
  • Linseed Oil
  • Cloth rags or paper towels

*Suggested colors:

Several large tubes of Titanium White plus small tubes of:

  • Cadmium Lemon or Cadmium Yellow Light (cool yellow)
  • Cadmium Red Light (warm red)
  • Alizarin Crimson (cool red)
  • Ultramarine Blue (violet blue)
  • Dioxazine Purple (violet)
  • Cerulean Blue or Phthalo Blue (green blue, dark)
  • Viridian Green (cool green, middle value)
  • Black
  • Burnt Umber (warm dark brown)
Session 1 Session 2
Class 1 – February 2, 2022 Class 1 – March 2, 2022
Class 2 – February 9, 2022 Class 2 – March 9, 2022
Class 3 –  February 16, 2022 Class 3 – March 16, 2022
Class 4 – February 23, 2022 Class 4 – March 23, 2022

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