The Development of Chinese Character Scripts – Calligraphy by HU Ching-San

This traveling exhibition displays the calligraphic works of Mr. HU Ching-san, Deputy Chief Curator of the Department of Rare Books of the National Palace Museum of the Republic of China (Taiwan). Mr. HU Ching-san has provided fifteen types of calligraphic art that depict the development of Chinese characters. Through introducing to audiences the beauty of Chinese calligraphy, the exhibition aims to display the depth and power of Chinese culture.

Since its establishment in October 1988 in Coral Gables, the Taipei Economic and Cultural Office in Miami (TECO in Miami, formerly the Coordination Council for North American Affairs, Miami Office) has devoted itself to the promotion of bilateral relations between Taiwan and the State of Florida. In order to further enhance Taiwan-Florida cultural exchange and advocate the richness of Chinese culture, TECO in Miami assists in presenting the “The Development of Chinese Character Scripts―Calligraphy by HU Ching-San,” an exhibit co-hosted by the Chinese American Scholars and Professions of Florida (CASPAF) and the Coral Gables Museum.

Dec_Hu_Ching-San Dec_Hu_Ching-San_calligraphy_demonstration


December 5, 2014 – February 1, 2015



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