The fore-father of Coral Gables, George E. Merrick, had a talent for words. Merrick  wrote a book of poetry entitled ‘Song of the Wind on a Southern Shore’ which was originally published by the Four Seas Company in Boston, MA around 1920. Reading from a few selected works in his book, they reflect his love and intrigue for the natural Florida background. To complement the richness of imagery and detail that Merrick offers in his poems are six illustrations of original artworks done by renowned illustrator Denman Fink, Merrick’s uncle, who paints a balance of darkness and light within Florida’s natural landscape. Merrick’s work portrays the essence of Florida’s vast land from the Everglades to St. Augustine and offers a genuine appreciation for its natural beauty. The passion that Merrick displays in his poetry would mirror his driving ambition in creating the naturally beautiful development of Coral Gables.

  • By Orestes Gonzalez
  • August 2018
  • Volume One; Number One