Vivo Soñando/Born to Dream

February 7 – March 2, 2014
Vivo Sonando

Vivo Soñando/Born to Dream is a collaboration between two entities from our sister city Granada, Spain. Biovital, a private company that fabricates beds designed to fight against sleeplessness problems and allow cellular regeneration, partnered with A.4 Cardinal, an artist collective who created original paintings that serve as unique, interchanging headboards for the beds.

While Biovital has researched the best scientific methods to promote rest and health, A.4 Cardinal artists have explored and experimented with visual imagery that comfort the spirit and soothe the soul. The Vivo Soñando/Born to Dream project combines physical and psychological aid to promote rest and wellbeing.

Featured artists include Carmen Almecija, Annabella Gorlier, Noe Henares and Augusto Moreno.