School Visits: Grades 3-5

POLICE AND FIRE PROGRAMPolice-and-Fire-Program

Grades:  K-5
Subject area:  Civics, History

Description:  In partnership with the Coral Gables Police and Fire Departments, this program allows students to better understand community structure and the role of civic heroes. Students will receive a tour of the Old Police and Fire Station listed on the National Registry of Historic Places and learn about the role of the policemen and firefighters in early Coral Gables history. Then, the students will visit the new Coral Gables Police and Fire Stations for a behind-the-scenes tour and discover how equipment and technology has changed over time. Students will come to understand the critical importance of these departments to public safety.

Duration: 2.5 hours
Site: Coral Gables Museum and new Police and Fire Station
Cost: City tours are $10 per student. 1 chaperone for every 10 students is required. Chaperones are free.

NOTE: Tours available Monday, Thursdays, and Fridays. Please provide at least three weeks advanced notice to avoid scheduling conflicts with the Police and Fire Department.


Grades: 4
Subject area: History

Description: The fourth grade program consists of a 2 hour visit to the Museum in which students will tour several Museum exhibits including Creating the Dream, an exhibition about Coral Gables’ founder and developer, George Merrick. Students will learn how George Merrick, his family and other visionaries created one of Miami-Dade County’s finest planned communities. On this tour, students will participate in an interactive skit, read Merrick’s poems, and examine coral rock and historic 1920s photographs! Students will explore local history, pioneer life, 1920’s Boom Period, architecture, urban planning and development. Click here for pre- and post-visit materials for Creating the Dream.


  • Creating the Dream exhibit tour (40 min.)
  • Exhibit Tour/Old Police and Fire Station building tour – teacher’s choice (40 min.)
  • Art activity (20 min.)

Duration: 2 hours
Site: Coral Gables Museum
Cost: Exhibition tours are $5 per student. 1 chaperone for every 10 students is required. Chaperones are free.


Grades: 3-12
Subject area: Urban Planning, Community Development, Environmental Science

Description: Students will identify and discuss elements of a city; public spaces, dwellings, commercial buildings, schools, parks, sidewalks, landscaping, streetscapes, transportation systems (trolleys, bike paths). A city is shaped by both small scale and large-scale elements. How can these elements contribute to sustainability? City design and planning is a collaborative process that includes input from architects, urban designers, government officials, landscape architects, environmentalists and engineers. How is Coral Gables sustainable? How does it compare to my neighborhood in terms of being green? How can these neighborhoods improve?


  • Green City Walking Tour, grades 3-12 (1 hour)
  • Create a Green Community Interactive Activity, grades 3-12 (40 min.)
  • Art activity (20 min.):
    • Green Streetscape Design, grades 3-5
    • Design a Green City Map. Individual urban planning activity. Consider sustainable components, grades 6-12

Duration: 2.5 hours
Site: Coral Gables Museum and City Tour
Cost: City tours are $10 per student. 1 chaperone for every 10 students is required. Chaperones are free.


Grades: K-5
Subject area: Environmental Science

Description: Students first learn about how their actions can positively or negatively affect their environment, then consider: What can I do at home/school to live green? How can I conserve water, energy and our natural resources? How can I improve air quality? How can I reuse/reduce/recycle to minimize waste? How can I apply “green” living to my life?


  • Living Green Today Presentation & Pledge (30 min.)
  • Recycling Relay Race (15 min.)
  • Recycling Art Activity (30 min.)

Duration: 1.5 hours
Site: School
Cost: $200, group size: 20-50


Grades: K-12
Subject area: Environmental Science, Urban Planning, Public Transportation, City Management

Description: Students will learn about the importance of transportation in cities, and be able to list modes of transportation from least to most harmful to the environment. Students will discuss transportation alternatives for reduction of air pollution and obtaining a sustainable environment. Students will learn about Green Transportation practices, which means any kind of transportation method or vehicle that is eco-friendly and does not negatively impact the immediate environment. Students will understand that urban planning and infrastructure influences how citizens navigate the city and evaluate parts of Miami-Dade County in terms of eco-friendly transit.


  • Green Transportation Presentation (15 min)
  • Exhibit Tour: “Ludlam Trail 2020: From Grassroots to Treetops” (35 min.)
  • Exhibit Tour: “Trailblazers: The Perilous Story of the Tamiami Trail” (35 min.)
  • Collaborative Art Activity: As a class, under the guidance of a Museum Educator, students will create The Ludlam Trail master plan by working in small groups designing different sections of the former railroad line in Miami. (30 min.)

Duration: 2 hours
Site: Coral Gables Museum
Cost: Exhibition tours are $5 per student. 1 chaperone for every 10 students is required. Chaperones are free.