Each first Friday of the month, the Coral Gables Museum opens its doors to the public for free from 6-10 PM as part of Coral Gables Gallery Night! ⁠Come and enjoy live music, our exhibitions, and a cocktail bar before heading out to eat in the area for your Friday night plans!

Performing this month: Steven & Nico

Steven & Nico are a musical duo based in Miami, FL. They are both signer-songwriter/multi-instrumentalists who explore a variety of styles including Folk, Rock, Blues, Jazz, and R&B.
Their music has a very spontaneous and natural feel, as both musicians are confident improvisers. They communicate through a variety of musical ideas and motifs to push each other into new and exciting terrain, and to provide an enjoyable listening experience for their audience. They love to include their audience in their shows, wether it be through back and forth banter, song requests, or musical participation. Most importantly, they find an absolute joy in and a love for the art of music.