Fall 2018:

September 8th  Rock You Like a Hurricane: Hurricane Prep and Survival

October 13th    Fall Harvest: A look at fall around the world

November 10th  Thankful: Giving Thanks for Our Community

December 8th  Artistic! A Celebration of Art in Public Places in Coral Gables

Winter/ Spring 2019:

January 12th  We Built This City: An investigation of Coral Gables Architecture

February 9th  Tinny Houses! Whimsical creative workshop

March 9th The 80th Anniversary of the Old Police & Fire Station! Celebrating Community Day

April 13th The Gables Canopy: A look at Frank Button and his green legacy

May 11th Mother’s Day: The Women in Coral Gables History

June 8th Happy Birthday, George! A Celebration of George Merrick’s 133rd Birthday