Packed with educational fun and creative activities, Family Day on Aragon is the perfect outing for children and adults alike. From 12-5 PM, relish in free admission, interactive exhibitions, engaging workshops, and a whole lot more. Bond with your loved ones as you uncover the wonders of history and culture at the Coral Gables Museum.

11 am: Guided Museum Highlights tour

  • Enjoy a guided tour from our museum educator covering our highlight exhibitions such as “Strange Fruits” and “Paving Roads for Latin American Art”.

12 pm: Moving Music Museum interactive presentation  

109 Gallery

  • The “Music of the Water Cycle” learning experience is focused on natural sciences and sound effects by musical instruments. It provides an accessible explanation of the water cycle and every step of the cycle is used to introduce music concepts such as crescendo, diminuendo, staccato, pitch among others.

1-3 pm: Artmaking

  • “Unwind with Tape Resists”. Join us for a soothing journey of self-expression as we explore the calming art of watercolor tape resists. In celebration of Stress Awareness Month, discover the therapeutic power of creativity while unwinding and letting go of tension one brushstroke at a time. Use Tape to block out your lines, use your pencil and marker to draw objects in your life and fill it in with watercolor and color pencil!

4:00 pm: Miami Symphony Orchestra Ensemble performance

Community Meeting Room

  • Experience the Miami Symphony Orchestra Ensemble live at our museum! Enjoy an evening of captivating melodies and artistic brilliance that will leave you delighted. Don’t miss out on this extraordinary musical performance!

4:30 pm: Unveiling of the children’s exhibition: Enchanted Forests

Zahner Center

  • The exhibition, titled “Enchanted Forests,” showcases the winners of the IMAGO Children’s Illustrators Contest, which was designed to encourage the development of illustration as a means of communication and expression. Having completed its fourth edition, the competition was open to children aged 4 to 12 worldwide.

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