International Artist Series: Annette Turrillo

Sublimations: Women in History

Venezuelan-French artist Annette Turrillo is featured in this solo exhibition curated by art historian and professor Dr. Carol Damian.  Annette Turrillo focuses on themes of reflection and retrospection as she observes the human condition and its place in the universe.

Sublimations, Women in History is based on Turrillo’s personal concerns and research, regarding the power of awareness by means of art through reflection of the individual (introspection), the onlooker’s spiritual essence and consequently, the projection of his or her surroundings, in society and life. The plastic element is transformed into densely knitted interpretations, in which the spectator participates. With this exhibition she intends to give recognition the brave, hard-working women that have contributed to our current conception of the contemporary woman. She focuses her work on the continuous gender equality advancements that have been achieved and those that we have already and those to come. She hopes that in doing so she is able to redeem the women that had previously been overlooked by history due to societal constraints and gender based obstacles. Keeping this history of sublimation on the forefront of public consciousness, ensures that new generations of women have even more opportunities to develop their roles completely in society.



September 1, 2017 – November 19, 2017

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