Coral Gables Museum is proud to present the Artist-In-Residence program. For a period of six months, an artist, group of artists, or cultural organization will share their expertise, programming, and products regarding cultures of the world with the community. These presentations will take the form of  public events, school programs, classes, workshops, among others.


November 2020 – April 2021 

ARTIST-IN-RESIDENCE: South Florida Chamber Ensemble (SFCE)

SFCE’s 6-month residency of the iLUMA program features stories with a connection to various forms of American culture.

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Miami artist Aurora Molina’s interdisciplinary fiber art practice is dedicated to social change and raising awareness of far-reaching issues such as ageism, the objectification of beauty, the failings of government and political apathy, anti-immigration and the border separation of families, and the mistreatment of indigenous communities, to name just a few.⁣

Using the tools of embroidery, sculpture-making, drawing, photography, and video, she uses the radical potential of fiber art to communicate ideas about social and political issues. Her multifaceted platform provides a sustained and powerful critique of a society that “dismisses” the elderly as they become invisible and hidden from everyday life. ⁣

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May 2021 – October 2021 


Lourdes Fuller is an artist-teacher and a 2018 Teacher Travel Grant recipient from Oolite Arts. Her work focuses on mosaics and is rooted in the traditional art forms of Spain.

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