Tales of Yesterday, Today, and Always

Anthony R. Abraham Family Gallery & Gallery 109
October 6 – November 6, 2023

The selection of children’s books, illustrations and playful installations displayed within these exhibition halls form a connection through past and present. They bring together different generations and highlight the enduring nature of the stories that have captivated us.
Ediciones Ekaré was founded in 1978 based on the public reading experiences by Banco del Libro and the necessity to publish books that reflected our own Latin American cultures. It opened a window for authors and illustrators within our territories and reached children in many places. Since then, Ekaré’s books have left a profound mark on the lives of their readers, transcending borders and bringing cultures closer together.
Throughout Latin America, those who first read these stories —children who held small, new books in small, new hands all those years ago— have now grown up and share them with younger generations. Alongside the exhibition, Miami-based non-profit Imago por las Artes will host the first Spanish-language Book Festival for Children and Youth, ENTRELIBROS, in accordance with their purpose to celebrate the beauty of Hispanic culture while embracing creativity in a wider sense.
This vibrant festival brings to our community the most diverse selection of illustrated books in Spanish for children and promotes a love for reading in concurrence with Hispanic Heritage Month. With it, Imago por las Artes wants to display the powerful relationship between images and text in creating stories that transcend time. Cuentos de ayer, hoy y siempre is an exhibition that honors the past, celebrates the present, and awakens curiosity for the pages yet to be written, and a tribute to the richness and diversity of Hispanic culture.

Throughout the 20th century, national programs were implemented across Latin America to improve literacy rates. In a few decades, millions of children and adults, whether they resided in bustling cities, remote sierras, coastal regions, dense jungles, or rural countryside, were becoming readers. For them, and for us, reading meant better access to information and education oppor-tunities, and it also meant celebrating our own culture and voices.
Some non-profit organizations were created with the aim of promoting a democratic culture of books. Among the very first, there was Banco del Libro, established in 1960 in Venezuela. Their pioneer work focused on children’s literature, training mediators, the design of library networks and the creation of bibliobuses in hard-to-reach areas, as well as the first foundation of children’s books publisher Ediciones Ekaré. Today, Banco del Libro is a globally recognized institution, having been awarded the Astrid Lindgren Memorial Award in 2007 and the UNESCO-Hamdan Award in 2012. They have also developed a specialized international award to recognize high-quality children’s books in
Spanish: Los Mejores del Banco del Libro.
Another institution that has become a reference in children’s literature in Spanish is Fundación Cuatrogatos, a non-profit organization based in Miami since 2012.Their project aims to bring the Spanish-speaking community closer to reading, arts, and education, helping develop creative and critical skills, promoting civic values, and respecting cultural differences. Every year they organize the event Fiesta de la
Lectura in Miami, enhanced by an array of workshops, seminars and book picnics. Their prestigious Premio Fundación Cuatrogatos awards high-quality books in Spanish for children and young readers.

All the books featured in this exhibition were awarded between 1980 and 2023 with the recognition of these important organizations.


  • Margarita [Rubén Darío · Monika Doppert]
  • Fábula de la ratoncita presumida [Aquiles Nazoa · Vicky Sempere]
  • La calle es libre [Kurusa · Monika Doppert]
  • La noche de las estrellas [Douglas Gutiérrez · María Oliver]
  • El rey mocho [Carmen Berenguer · Carmen Salvador]
  • Niña bonita [Ana Maria Machado · Rosana Faría]
  • El Cocuyo y la Mora [Fray Cesáreo de Armellada · Amelie Areco]
  • El dueño de la luz [Ivonne Rivas · Irene Savino]
  • Un abuelo, sí [Nelson Ramos · Ramón París]
  • Duermevela [Juan Muñoz-Tébar · Ramón París]
  • La caimana [María Eugenia Manrique · Ramón París]
  • Las visitas de Nani [Karishma Chugani]
  • La merienda del señor Verde [Javier Sáez Castán]
  • Los carpinchos [Alfredo Soderguit]
  • Los distintos [Mónica Montañés · Eva Sánchez]
  • Cajita de fósforos [Anthologist: Adolfo Córdova · Juan Palomino]
  • Conejo y Conejo [Isadoro Saturno · Stefano Di Cristofaro]
  • Taquititán de poemas [Anthology · Ana Palmero Cáceres]
  • Cuéntame del 1 al 10 [Ana Palmero Cáceres]
  • El berrinche de Moctezuma [Nuria Gómez Benet · Santiago Solís]
  • Mitos en el cielo [Tanuca Palomar · Samuel Castaño]