La Octava Isla

La Octava Isla (The Eighth Island), 2012
Directed by Gustavo Pérez Fernández. 22 minutes.

The third edition of The Documentary Dock presents the film La Octava Isla (The Eighth Island), 2012, a 22-minute documentary directed by Gustavo Pérez Fernández. The film, as well as an interview with Pérez Fernández by the Museum’s Chief Curator Yuneikys Villalonga, will be available for streaming in Spanish between Friday, October 30th at 6:00 pm and Sunday, November 8th, 2020 at 9:00 pm

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La tercera edicion de The Documentary Dock presenta el filme La Octava Isla (2012), un documental de 22 minutos dirigido por Gustavo Pérez Fernández. La película y una entrevista al realizador por Yuneikys Villalonga, la Curadora en Jefe del Museo, estarán disponibles en español para hacer streaming entre el 30 de octubre a las 6:00 pm y el domingo, 8 de noviembre a las 9:00pm.

Reserve antes del 28 de octubre @ 12:00pm para recibir un link privado con el que podra acceder a estos materiales ilimitadas veces desde cualquier dipositivo con Internet.

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The Documentary Dock es posible gracias al generoso apoyo de Vision Media.

Stills from “La Octava Isla (The Eighth Island)”, 2012. Directed by Gustavo Pérez Fernández.  22″

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On the Film:

La octava isla (The Eighth Island),  2012

Modesto San Gil is an innate poet. Maybe that’s why he was destined for travel. At age six, he left the Canary Islands to go to Cuba, and he has been living in the train station of Chambas since 1966. His life is split into two exact parts: pilgrimage, and the silence of trains.

Produced by: Violeta Producciones
Duration: 22’
Photography: Wilfredo Pérez
Sound: Yohan Wilcox
Production: Gustavo Pérez Fernández
Script: Oneyda González and Gustavo Pérez Fernández
Director: Gustavo Pérez Fernández

On Director Gustavo Pérez Fernández:

Gustavo Pérez Fernández (Camaguey, Cuba, 1962) is a documentalist, poet, and photographer. His documentary Ave Maria won the “Sara Gómez” Award at the XXXI International Festival of New Latin American Cinema in Havana and was selected Finalist in the Best Iberoamerican Feature Documentary Film category at the Guadalajara Film Festival. His movie Transitando was presented at Sunny Side of the Doc, European Spot, in La Rochelle, France, and his film Severo Secreto, co-directed by Oneyda González, premiered in 2016. Other films he has directed are: Todas iban a ser reinas (They were All going to be Queens), 2006; Despertando a Quan Tri (Awakening Quan Tri), 2005; La Tejedora: su extensa realidad (The Weaver: Its Extensive Reality), 2001; Caidije: la extensa realidad (Caidije: The Extensive Reality), 2000; and El Viaje (The Journey), 1996. Perez Fernandez’s poems were compiled in the anthology Aunar lo imprevisible (Ediciones Unión, 2010). is photography has been exhibited internationally, including in countries such as Cuba, Portugal, Italy and Belgium.

La Octava Isla Film Trailer

This event is made possible thanks to the generous sponsorship of