Professional Workshops

Coral Gables Museum presents a series of professional development workshops throughout the year. Teachers may register through the district for master plan points.  Workshops feature subject area experts and leaders and are centered around current and upcoming exhibitions.

Participants will explore museum exhibitions that are aligned with STEAM initiatives, engage with subject area experts and leaders, and focus on strategies and activities that are standards-based and integrated across content areas.  Teachers of science, history, social studies, art, architecture, engineering, environmental sustainability and general education are welcomed and encouraged to attend.

  • Objects and Questions: Facilitating Conversations Around Collections

Novice and veteran educators alike will enjoy this engaging workshop which helps bring collections from the museum, classroom or home to life through various teaching strategies. Learn about student driven investigation through the use of Inquiry Based Learning (IBL), Object Based Learning (OBL), Understanding by Design (UbD) and Visual Thinking Strategies (VTS).  This workshop strives to create a big impact with everyday resources.

Available Upon Request, 2-hour workshop

  • Creating the Dream: Coral Gables

For nearly 100 years, the City of Coral Gables has been inspiring residents and visitors alike with its beautiful architecture, tree lined streets and unique charm. Join us for a hands-on workshop that bring the story of the city’s founding to life, immerse yourself in the story of how books and one boy’s wild imagination lead to the founding of the City Beautiful!  The workshop takes you on a walking tour of the downtown district, a tour of the museum and provides educators with tools to make our community’s history engaging in the classroom.


Available Upon Request, 2.5-hour workshop

  • Green City: Environmentalism in an Urban Community


The relationship between the built environment and the natural one is a delicate balance. Join us at the Coral Gables Museum as we explore various topics such as sustainability, urban planning, preservation and future planning. As the only civic arts museum in Miami Dade County set in the middle of a robust historic city, we have a unique opportunity to help foster the environmentalist in all of us. Educators will go on a urban walking tour, explore our Green City Programs and tour the Coral Gables Museum.

Available Upon Request, 2-hour workshop.

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