The Portfolio Review Series Online: Barba Marcotulli

The collaborative duo Barba-Marcotulli is integrated by choreographer Roxana Barba (Lima, Peru, 1976) and filmmaker Claudio Marcotulli (Caracas, Venezuela, 1973). Their multidisciplinary work explores issues of cultural memory and climate change. Using performance, video, and installation, they engage with the public through sensory play, the use of rituals, and an often uncanny atmosphere.

Marcotulli received his MFA in Film Production from the Miami International University of Art and Design (Miami, 2005) and his BFA from Emerson College (Boston, 2000). Barba received her BFA in Dance from New World School of the Arts (Miami, 1998). Recent screening and performance venues presenting their individual and collaborative work include the 36th Miami Film Festival; Miami International Airport; Perez Art Museum; HistoryMiami Museum; New World Center SoundScape Park; AIRIE Nest Gallery; Mana Contemporary; Bakehouse Art Complex; La Fabrica de Arte (Havana, Cuba); Rudgers University (New Jersey); South Florida PBS; MDC Live Arts LALA Lab; and Miami-Dade County Auditorium; among others.


Their experimental film Zenu screened at fifteen international film festivals and received support from FUNDarte, The Awesome Foundation, MDC Live Arts, Miami Film Development Project, Heiga Studios and TheEye Film Production. They are currently working on a collaborative investigative project funded by the Knight Foundation, exploring Pre-Colombian myths and rituals.


Instagram: @au_roxana  @marcotulli

“When pairing our practices, our language manifests itself in unexpected forms. These travel through the body and the camera, repeatedly underscoring the themes of human-nature relationships, memory, ritual, and the surreal.”

— Barba-Marcotulli